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Christmas Giving is Jesus

This Christmas it is time to realize the true meaning behind this festival of new life.  It goes beyond giving and really starts with believing  when Jesus was born God gave himself to us ., because He humbled himself by becoming a man.  His deep love and humility was so profound that he was not born in a palace but in a very humble setting;  for,  he was actually homeless.

Taking on our humanity he helps us understand how much he understands us as human beings.  This is why he gave his understanding about us because he wants us to understand that he understands us.  Jesus’ humble birth is a gift., because,  he accepts everyone regardless of class or wealth.  He does not belong to any prestigious social club, to a VIP church organization giving huge amounts of tithing,  or to a fraternal order  achieving scholarly recognition, but he is the recognizable God who is full of spiritual recognition, spiritual wealth, and spiritual wisdom.

Another gift of Jesus’ birth is the fact that he can be found if you seek him.  The stoic pursuit of the Magi who came all the way from the East in search of him is a gift of persistence in seeking Christ.  They discerned that his birth was a great event.   These men had the gift of wisdom and studied nature including the configuration of the stars.  God reveals signs through nature as long as nature itself is not worshipped.  Nature is God’s creation.  Like the early Christians, modern day Christians seek Jesus through prayer and reading scripture.  Finding God starts within oneself.

Jesus had to be hidden by his parents and fled from his birthplace because of King Herod’s decree to kill all of the male children who were two years old and under.  God shows his love by having to survive an extreme danger and also having Mary and Joseph survive the fact that they could have been killed.  Many people go through dangerous situations, but God teaches them how to overcome these situations.  He commands the angels who are a gift to us to watch over us.  He  gives us wisdom about handling our problems.  God himself is present when he intervenes, because he always knows what is going on.  He wants us to accept his gift of knowing him.

Christmas is more than giving and receiving presents.  There is more than the physical.  Recognizing the spiritual is a great gift.  If you seek it , it will be revealed to you.  One way this  happens is to humble yourself enough to see the face of God in  baby Jesus who physically came into the world, was born in a humble manger, and gave the gift of himself.


The Magic of Christmas – A Poem

Shepherds adore the Newborn Christ

The magic of the silver bells heard everywhere you go

This time of year expresses  the light of falling snow

and Fall did said its last good-by

and Poinsettia  bloom so very high

while the red and green of  mistletoe dangles from the sky

and you wait for  love to arrive

It’s the happiness of Christmas

But don’t forget the savior in the manger

who loves you even more

He will deck the halls with his true love

The holy child who came from above

His star does not shine on evergreen boughs

no garland wraps his manger

He came to us so unadorned

Those who believe in him are not strangers

As the Spirit of the Lord soars

and be like the shepherds who journey for his gifts

Discern like the Magi who study his star

that brings light to the world from near and afar

It’s the magic of Christmas

Build up your faith with prayerful hands

and praise him for his love

You won’t find him under a tree, but in your heart like a dove

Merry Christmas