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The Use of The Physical to Explain The Spiritual

Saint Paul wrote  “Faith is the substance of things hope for, the evidence of things not seen.”  You can’t grab faith physically, but you can grab it spiritually.  You grab faith through the power of the Holy Spirit and a willing heart searching for God.  The spiritual aspect of any concept exist and manifest in either physical or spiritual form whether good or bad.

When your heart is opened to have a deeper walk with God, you have the first ingredient, which is a willing spirit to believe.  When we have breakfast in the morning, that syrup bottle was made by someone working with a machine, a mold, and glass.  This bottle did not have any substance until it was formed, but it had all the ingredients to make it.  Take a look at an unborn baby, which has all the ingredients of a human (DNA, form), but even though many don’t consider it a human, because unlike the bottle, it has both the contributory factors from the parents and also the highest potential of the human spirit and soul. It is a living being even inside the mother’s womb.

The temporary or physical vision of the syrup bottle does not have a flavor to it, but when ingredients are added it becomes flavorful.  Once the syrup is consumed it is no more, but becomes a part of another vessel which is you.  You can be reminded of the taste and color of it, and it becomes a part of the memory.  If you do any wrong, you are reminded of it.  This is a temporary or physical vision, but if you take it as spiritual, it will never leave you.  Faith may go through various battles in the mind, but once it conquers these battles, and perfects itself, and it is tested, and tried by fire, it will triumph in you.

There is an unseen hand in all things whether for retribution or blessing.  There was an unseen hand that drained that syrup from the tree, and another created the bottle.  We know it was there at one time.  God works the same way and takes place through God’s word.  There has to be tangibility in the Spirit before there is an effect, and this is where the name Jesus Christ comes into focus.  Christ is the revealing source of his spirit.

You can go to a mountain and hew stones from it.  When you take that stone and break it, it becomes pebbles.  It is similar to the family unit.  A man and a woman, in a relationship, come together in agreement and bear children.  The children are the stones. These little stones sometimes get rejected in abortion or mistreatment, but their spirits are alive and God loves them.  Jesus Christ was rejected.  God operated through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the same way.  Jacob had many stones coming from him which are the twelve tribes of Israel.  Isaac was a promise child and so was Jesus.  Many stones come forth from Jesus, the cornerstone, and we are his living stones.  Peter, the apostle, called those who followed Jesus “living stones.”

Thanks to my friend Ralph for some insight into this concept.  God bless.









Concept of Time in Bibilical Application of Prophecy — The Return of JESUS THE CHRIST

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
Sun Dial by Stephanie J. McGowan


God’s concept of time is different from man’s understanding of it, for there is a non- mathematical understanding of time in biblical prophecy which changed from the Garden of Eden.  Scripture contains numbers which are predictive, but should not be taken just in a mathematical context because there is a spiritual application to every phase of prophecy.    The revelations of Daniel and the Book of Revelations are just two books which can be interpreted as outside of man’s understanding of  time as we know it and the predictions of the return of Jesus the Christ.

God is outside of time, but it matters more to us to keep tract of time because we can count time;  whereas, God uses events in human terms in order for us to have a better understanding of our expectations of what should happen and when.  This is why many have misinterpreted scripture because they are looking at numbers; however, God still uses mathematical time in the bible, but it is not always used to predict an event.  There have been accurate predications of time.  The timing of the plagues in Egypt, the timing of the generation that died before reaching the promise land,  and the  timing of the birth of Jesus using the Magi’s calculations of astronomy are all mathematical timing.

In the Garden of Eden there was no concept of time, aging, or death.  It is the concept of time that brings an end because there is a beginning in time; therefore there must be an ending.  Man’s fall initiated the changes in time when he committed an act against God by his disobedience and then the mathematical interpretation of time began because of the finality of events such as the changing in the seasons and death.   Adam and Eve’s actions in the Garden of Eden brought about the concept of time which brings an ending.  We can travel in space and time is different.  We can not comprehend or reach the speed of light because we have limitations in time and we don’t physically exist outside our time, but we still spiritually exist both in the present time and beyond time because even when our bodies die our spirits still exist.

The rules of time do not apply to God who exist outside our time as we know it.  The incarnation of Christ Jesus resurrected because you can not kill God.  Jesus has the spirit of God and is God.  He is one with the father.  If we have the spirit of God, we are also not bound by time we are only bound to the physical which is bound to time; therefore, spirit never dies.  Our souls are a record of who we are to God and what we have chosen to be.  The spiritual never ceases to exist.

The Prophet Daniel interpreted dreams.  God gave him this prophetic calling because God needed to use him as a sign to others and also to explain and write prophecy.  When Daniel interpreted the King’s dream, he  knew what the angel Gabriel was talking about.  In the Book of Daniel, Chapter 9, he  sees one being that looked like a man.  What was Daniel’s concept in time?  It was two fold.  A mathematical time frame and also a symbolic time frame.   There is a mathematical interpretation in symbolic form In Daniel 9:26, the sixty-two (62) weeks and the last week mentions the anti-Christ.  The Hebrews associate numbers to mean symbolic terms.  Sixty-two weeks is not sixty-two weeks as we know it, but it is a period or season of time as God knows it.  Six (6) means man, and sixty (60) is the height of an image which was Nebuchadnezzar.   Six cubits wide, sixty cubits high, and the six which is Nebuchadnezzar.  Two could mean two more sixes which makes it 666 weeks when Messiah would be cut off and he will not reign.  This is the time of the anti-Christ or 666 .  It is not a time frame, but a symbolic number not an actual number of weeks.

In the book of Revelations the opening of the seven seals exist as a spiritual time frame even though there are similar events in history as well as events to come.  In order to understand Revelations, you have to understand all of the Bible because the books work together to further reveal spiritual thoughts in the Book of Revelations.

We can not determine when Jesus will return because God does not think in terms of our time.  There are still warnings and dreams, but our interpretations sometimes go astray.   It is not meant for man to know the actual date of Jesus’ return.  Acts reads:  “It is not for you to know the times or the seasons which the Father has put in his own power.”  No world event or purposeful cause to make war, terrorist attack, or building of a temple will hasten the return of the Christ because all of these actions are man’s terms and conditions not God’s.  God thinks outside the box and outside the times as we know it.

Art Mural for Ohio

ArtNews.jpg_NEW_0002About fourteen years ago I painted a mural for the City of Marion and their Recreation Department.   I had a full-time job working during the day and afterwards I would come home and eat, then head down town to the Marion recreation center.  I would stay late to paint this mural, and sometimes working until the early morning hours.    The news clipping illustrates only a small part of the mural; however,  the mural  no longer exists because the current recreation center official painted over it.   She said the admin policy changed when  the new mayor became elected.   What a strange decision.At least some people got to view it.  I am happy anyway.  God has a plan.  Here is the news clipping or part of the clipping.  This is only a small part of the mural.

Saint Patrick’s Prayer- “The Lorica”

English: Saint Patrick stained glass window fr...
English: Saint Patrick stained glass window from Cathedral of Christ the Light, Oakland, CA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

                                     Saint Patrick’s Prayer

                  The Breastplate of St Patrick “The Lorica”


I bind to myself today the strong power of an invocation of the Trinity, the faith of the Trinity in Unity, the Creator of the Universe.


I bind to myself today the might of the Incarnation of Christ with that of His Baptism, the might of His Crucifixion with that of His Burial, the might of His Resurrection with that of His Ascension, the might of His Coming on the Judgment Day.


I bind to myself today the power in the love of the Seraphim, in the obedience of the Angels, in the ministration of the Archangels, in the hope of Resurrection unto reward, in the prayers of the Patriarchs, in the predictions of the Prophets, in the preaching of the Apostles, in the faith of the Confessors, in the purity of the holy Virgins, in the deeds of righteous men.


I bind to myself today the power of Heaven, the brightness of the sun, the whiteness of snow, the splendor of fire, the speed of lightening, the swiftness of wind, the depth of the sea, the stability of the Earth, the firmness of rocks.


I bind to myself today God’s Power to pilot me, God’s Might to uphold me, God’s Wisdom to teach me, God’s Eye to watch over me, God’s Ear to hear me, God’s Word to give me speech, God’s Hand to guide me, God’s Way to lie before me, God’s Shield to shelter me, God’s Host to secure me.  Against the snares of demons, against the seductions of vices, against the lusts of nature, against everyone who meditates injury to me, whether far or near, whether few or with many.


I invoke today all these virtues against every hostile merciless power which may assail my body and my soul, against the incantations of false prophets, against the black laws of heathenism, against the false laws of heresy, against the deceits of idolatry, against the spells of women, and smiths, and druids, against every knowledge that blinds the soul of man.


Christ protect me today against poison, against burning, against drowning, against wounding, that I may receive abundant reward. Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ within me, Christ under me, Christ above me, Christ at my right, Christ at my left, Christ in lying down, Christ in sitting, Christ in rising up. Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me, Christ in the mouth of every man who speaks to me, Christ in every eye that sees me, Christ in every ear that hears me.


I bind to myself today the strong power of an invocation of the Trinity, The faith of the Trinity in Unity, the Creator of the Universe. Salvation is of the Lord, Salvation is of the Lord, Salvation is of Christ; May Your salvation, O Lord, be with us forever. Amen.

This is Saint Patrick’s own prayer and is found in Christian books and on prayer cards.

The Praying Hands

Albrecht Dürer - Study of an Apostle's Hands (...
Albrecht Dürer – Study of an Apostle’s Hands (Praying Hands) – WGA07062 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You pray,  hands folded in peace

Together , they hold together

For a suffering world

Misguided and far from truth

I too am waiting for answers

And send my prayers to the roof

But there is only a certain time I have

Grow weary because the dew has vanished

And what is left is blank looks without answers

I can only help a few

And not many

As I hold my hands together

Then I lift them up in sweet Alleluia

To pray for all the answers

I am just a wayfarer here , Oh Lord!

And I pray that it will get better

Jesus Walking On The Water

One of my favorite passages from the Bible is Jesus walking on the water and is found in both Matthew 14:22-33, and Mark 6:45-52.    It is Matthew’s gospel which adds Peter to the story,  and illustrates the apostle’s  attempt to walk towards Jesus on the stormy sea.    This passage illustrates Jesus’ selection of Peter, and how we  should attempt to reach out to Jesus.

At first the apostles, who are helpless on a boat during a storm,  do not realize it is Jesus walking on the water.   When Jesus sees the fearful apostles he tells them: “Do not be afraid, it is I;”  Peter ask, that if it is the son of God, Jesus should command him to walk on the water and come to him.  Jesus commands Peter, who has taken the first step of faith,  to come out of the boat,  and he begins to walk towards Jesus;  however,   Peter loses courage  and begins to sink.  

English: Walking on the sea. Schellenberg. In ...
English: Walking on the sea. Schellenberg. In the Bowyer Bible in Bolton Museum, England. Print 3714. From “An Illustrated Commentary on the Gospel of Mark” by Phillip Medhurst. Section I. Jesus commands the waves. Mark 4:35-41, 6:45-52. http://pdfcast.org/pdf/an-illustrated-commentary-by-phillip-medhurst-on-the-gospel-of-mark-section-i-to-j (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peter tried and He almost made it.   He was the first to recognize Jesus.  Even though Peter listens to Jesus , and not to any other voice.   Terror and uncertainty  allows him to lose control of the situation.  Peter believes he can walk on the water,  but for him it suddenly becomes  an impossibility.   Peter is probably thinking:  I want to go to Jesus, but I am afraid because the waters are to strong for me. 

One must realize that Peter was really courageous and took the first step, he tries to fight  opposition which is fear and doubt, but  Jesus sees something in Peter, and it is courage to follow the Messiah.  God does not  chose  cowards; for it is Christ who makes his followers brave.  Jesus sees us for what we really are and not the way others see us.

I am writing about this passage because I am working on an art project and its subject  is the miracle of Jesus walking on the water .  I can picture the storming sea and feel Peter’s helplessness.   Peter’s attempts to have faith is not really a failure, because his faith is growing.  He will someday do what Jesus wants him to do, and this is why I sometimes feel I need to wait for Jesus to instruct me.   I seek the hand of  God  to guide me.   

This Saturday morning,  a  wonderful confirmation  came to me.    Before I drank my coffee, I opened the Bible to the Gospel of Mark Chapter 6 about Jesus’ miraculous walking on the stormy sea, and then I became amazed that this was a sign from God confirming and blessing  me to continue working on this project.  The subject of this work is about this  very miracle.   The passage was not marked in my Bible nor did I have it in my mind when I awoke this morning.  It was God communicating.

Like Simon Peter there are times when we lose  our courage after taking the first step, but we  should continue to have  courage.    We are afraid of drowning, because our Christianity is not of this world, but we are in the world, and we have to cope with difficulties.  Jesus grabbed Peter’s hand, and we too should reach out to Jesus.   When we reach out to Jesus he will grab our hands and pull us out of our problems .  We will not sink.    We sometimes feel this is hard to do and wonder if we are  true Christian believers.  Jesus saved Peter, but he did not ask for anything back.  Jesus did an act of kindness, and he was teaching Peter to have faith and follow him. 

I can recall times when I was in the stormy sea  and no help was available.  Some outwardly refused to help.    Maybe they felt being used.  They want something in return.    God rewards those who do good.    Jesus offers sincerity when he helps.   I am sure many have experienced similar circumstances.  

When I meet with difficulties,  and have to walk on the storming sea, I  reach out my hands to Jesus and he reaches his hands out to help me.     Jesus always handles the situation and calms things down.  

                              Like he did for Peter and the apostles

                             Jesus does for me.   

                            Jesus loves me.  

                            Jesus can calm the stormy seas. 

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  (words of Saint Paul, Apostle of Jesus Christ)

Love Comes Along – A Love Poem

Before I met you there was a wish for you

I did not know you and my sight was closed to you

Because there were no diamonds

I could not find you,

Search Philly for you

Cold, Sparse, Lively


Unfriendly and void of good

Searching unrequited paths

Franklin would be displeased of all the hypocrisy and disease

You were not there when their eyes were coals,

His seeing eye recording all their deeds, unrepentant still.

Can they ever see the Good?


Paths cross in the month of Aries

You came smiling to me

See the angel of divine meetings, Raphael, each worthy of each

No ulterior motive.  Please.

So tired of feeling Alien among the weeds!

Then, I met you.


A soul on its journey, Renewed

God stepped in and made the sun shine through the stew

The world was full of it!

But the karmic wave

Sparkling eyes – the emerald isles – like your Heart

A fine Jewel.

Persistence In The Face Of Opposition-My Personal Experience


Becoming more persistent in pursuing the right goals in life builds strength of  character and is a result of  endurance  against the mountain of adversity.   Throughout my personal experience  I sometimes  battled the negative forces of  opposition, and even though I appeared to be losing, I was actually winning.  I realize this after many trails.

I was born in the 1950’s and grew up in a single family home because my parents became divorce when I was only four, and my brother was a baby.  This was the first obstacle in my life, but I know now that it could have been worse.   I thank God for the care my mother gave me.   I decided to pursue success and not lead a precarious existence.  I found my self loving books, pencils, and pens.  The smell of new books, and the tools of writing and drawing attracted me.

Sometimes  I felt different from other children who had both parents, because I did not understand why my father figure was not around, but I also developed and experienced other gifts.  Other members of my family ,such as my uncles and grandfather, became my male role models, and I am thankful for their caring ways.  They were all great men.  I sincerely admit that I survived because I asked  God to help me, and he blessed me with survival skills  which helped to overcome bullies, narrow minded teachers, and the neighborhood.  God is real and he does give discernment.

Being always a keen observer, I noticed that most of the children my age had both parents at home, but these children did not really seem happy or nice.   I noticed their parents were the same, and they supported their evil children.  I knew this was wrong because I was a child too, and my mother always commented that I should be nice, and I was nice, but I also gained a toughness which was ladylike.  Even though I was not big, I had inner strength.   No apologizes for telling the truth.  My peers usually retaliated or took their problems out on others, and my brother had many confrontations with “bratty kids.”  It was always a gang mentality and never one on one.

Persistence enables courage to stand up for the rights of others .  My brother  would one day develop his  survival skills, but one day I had to come to his rescue.   A gang of boys confronted him while we were with our mother, and  I threw my Italian water ice at an aggressive boy and his  friends.   I really wanted to eat this treat, but I had to think of something to stop the fight.  My mother was to upset about the situation.

I warned them to leave my brother alone, and my actions broke up the confrontation.  I believe it was God’s strength who enabled me to do this.  It turned out that  my brother grew taller than most of his antagonist, and this also helped.  I had the strength to survive  growing up in a tough neighborhood as I took myself to and from school, but I learned to enjoy walking.   I called myself Speedy.

From persistence came endurance or strength in working harder in school and various employments.   I wanted to succeed.  Even though I am not famous and don’t need to be famous,  my creative nature manifested itself in different ways.    I remember drawing a picture of the Virgin Mary in Catholic grade school.  The fifth grade nun (religious teacher)  elaborated on my talents.

It was my maternal grandfather, Giorgio, who was the first to recognized my love for drawing.  I was five years old and he applauded my work.   I need to mention him, because I really admired him and saw that he had strength of character and a love for his family.  He was my first example of a hard worker, and he had a gentlemen’s dignity about him.   My grandfather always wore a suit and Stetson when he stepped out of the house, and when inside his home he wore a shirt, pants, and shoes.  He was a wonderfully elegant  man who once lost money in the great depression, but he was a survivor.

There were other obstacles in my way, but I really only had my mother, and sometimes in the face of opposition, she was more than enough.  She always told me to look to God for all the answers.   My mother could only do so much

In high school I developed an interest in music.  One of my prized possessions was a clarinet which the school let me borrow during my three years of playing in the high school orchestra.  I practiced everyday.   My mother somehow manage to buy me two gowns to wear when I played in the orchestra.   One gown was pink and the other was fuchsia.  I wore one gown the fist day and the second gown the next day to the special orchestral celebrations.   My mother always managed to get something I really wanted or really needed.  She was a miracle worker.

In my senior year, I did not want to play in the orchestra because I wanted to walk down the aisle at the cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul on graduation day in 1970.  I was thankful for this experience and it gave me a wonderful feeling.  There would be other graduations, but this was the best one with the most spiritual experience.  My wedding was another spiritually felt experience, but this occurred many years later.

It is important to  realized that gifts are often obtained through  perseverance.  If you have strength of character you will find courage, because you try to follow the right path.   Some people have been a positive inspiration to me, but  I believe I got my strength of character from my mother who believed in God.  Saint Paul writes in the book of Romans, Chapter 5, verses 3 to 5:  (Dove of Peace, Catholic edition).

“…we even boast of our afflictions, knowing that afflictions produces endurance, and endurance proven character, and proven character, hope, and hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts…”

I have found that being persistent in spite of trails and life’s tribulations is obtainable no matter what is endured, whatever we have to overcome we must pray for the strength to endure it.   In this way we do find success and have the victory.  Victory finds its way in spite of adversity.  Don’t worry about suffering  because the lessons learned from opposition builds a strong character.   No hope is lost when God backs your every move and you have the right intentions,  and through perseverance you will win like an  Olympian  in the game of life.



Poem dedicated to my mother

To My Mother-Remember Me

Are there ever any dreams in heaven?

Like those about winding roads

That leads you to remember me

With my small hand in yours

And will you pray for me?

Because I miss your eyes and smile

And the way you comforted me

In my heart of a small child

Will you not forget the bond we had?

As I told you all my cares

And you said to “trust in God

For he knows all your fears”

And you said you wish

You had money back then.

You never strive for fanciness

To broken to care about success

But the love that you had

You gave the best

From my heart of a poet

Mom you’re the best.

I remember when I ask my mother to pray for me, and I often did this even as a child.  I remember, believe it or not, this birthday. I think my cousin Carmel or my Aunt Josephine took this picture.