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The Use of The Physical to Explain The Spiritual

Saint Paul wrote  “Faith is the substance of things hope for, the evidence of things not seen.”  You can’t grab faith physically, but you can grab it spiritually.  You grab faith through the power of the Holy Spirit and a willing heart searching for God.  The spiritual aspect of any concept exist and manifest in either physical or spiritual form whether good or bad.

When your heart is opened to have a deeper walk with God, you have the first ingredient, which is a willing spirit to believe.  When we have breakfast in the morning, that syrup bottle was made by someone working with a machine, a mold, and glass.  This bottle did not have any substance until it was formed, but it had all the ingredients to make it.  Take a look at an unborn baby, which has all the ingredients of a human (DNA, form), but even though many don’t consider it a human, because unlike the bottle, it has both the contributory factors from the parents and also the highest potential of the human spirit and soul. It is a living being even inside the mother’s womb.

The temporary or physical vision of the syrup bottle does not have a flavor to it, but when ingredients are added it becomes flavorful.  Once the syrup is consumed it is no more, but becomes a part of another vessel which is you.  You can be reminded of the taste and color of it, and it becomes a part of the memory.  If you do any wrong, you are reminded of it.  This is a temporary or physical vision, but if you take it as spiritual, it will never leave you.  Faith may go through various battles in the mind, but once it conquers these battles, and perfects itself, and it is tested, and tried by fire, it will triumph in you.

There is an unseen hand in all things whether for retribution or blessing.  There was an unseen hand that drained that syrup from the tree, and another created the bottle.  We know it was there at one time.  God works the same way and takes place through God’s word.  There has to be tangibility in the Spirit before there is an effect, and this is where the name Jesus Christ comes into focus.  Christ is the revealing source of his spirit.

You can go to a mountain and hew stones from it.  When you take that stone and break it, it becomes pebbles.  It is similar to the family unit.  A man and a woman, in a relationship, come together in agreement and bear children.  The children are the stones. These little stones sometimes get rejected in abortion or mistreatment, but their spirits are alive and God loves them.  Jesus Christ was rejected.  God operated through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the same way.  Jacob had many stones coming from him which are the twelve tribes of Israel.  Isaac was a promise child and so was Jesus.  Many stones come forth from Jesus, the cornerstone, and we are his living stones.  Peter, the apostle, called those who followed Jesus “living stones.”

Thanks to my friend Ralph for some insight into this concept.  God bless.









The Praying Hands

Albrecht Dürer - Study of an Apostle's Hands (...
Albrecht Dürer – Study of an Apostle’s Hands (Praying Hands) – WGA07062 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You pray,  hands folded in peace

Together , they hold together

For a suffering world

Misguided and far from truth

I too am waiting for answers

And send my prayers to the roof

But there is only a certain time I have

Grow weary because the dew has vanished

And what is left is blank looks without answers

I can only help a few

And not many

As I hold my hands together

Then I lift them up in sweet Alleluia

To pray for all the answers

I am just a wayfarer here , Oh Lord!

And I pray that it will get better

True Courage-Prayer in Schools

To be courageous is a true gift and a blessing.  Courage is often found in a person who has gone through difficult situations in life, has not given up in spite of adversity, and has learned to apply their learning experiences .  Even if the boat gets rocky, the courageous person stands bravely.  Unshaken and unharmed like Daniel the prophet, or Moses the great patriarch,  they continue to recognize God as their strength.

Courageous people are not afraid of being loners , and they are  not part of the crowd.   Don’t confuse courage with rebellion, because courageous people offen meet opposition.   Courageous people are survivors.

Jesus taught courage by his deeds.  Consider the New Testament book of Mark, Chapter 7:45-52 , where Mark writes about Jesus walking on the water.  This story is one of my favorite stories in the Bible.  Jesus is showing his love for his followers and he prays they will have courage.  This is why he tells them to   “take courage.”

The scripture states that Jesus went to the mountain on his own to pray while the apostles took a boat out to sea.  It was getting dark and a storm was approaching which made the boat rock back and forth.  The apostles are fearful.  Jesus observed the boat from the shore, and immediately started walking on the water towards the apostles.  When Jesus approached the boat, the apostles thought he was a ghost.  Jesus said to them, “Take courage, it is I, do not be afraid.”  Jesus then got on the boat and the  waves became calm.  Jesus comforted  them,  for he saw they lacked courage.   If only they believed.

Many laws have passed restricting prayer from government institutions and schools because certain rebellious leaders don’t believe in God.

Children do not pray when they are in public schools which are free to attend.   The bureaucracy is afraid of offending others who don’t believe in God.  They use the excuse and state that there are all different religions, and it is unfair to recognize solely Christianity in schools.   As a result criminal like behavior is surfacing in schools.  There is extreme bullying, suicide, and killing.

Where is the courage of  those who believe in Christ and want prayer in schools?  This cause is not just for parents or Christians, but it is the government and legislatures who make the decisions for us.  Like the apostles in the boat, Christians  rock back and forth on the waters of adversity and are helpless because they don’t stand up against wrong decisions.

Through prayer courage is obtainable.  There  are oppositions  and problems in life, but if we show courage and ask for prayer in schools, we are helping children.   Believe and pray to the Lord  for the courage you need to stand up for good moral causes, and remember,  Jesus said to take courage.

A Prayer, Jesus’ Healing Hands


Corcovado jesus
Corcovado jesus (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


Say this prayer for Healing which Jesus inspired me to write.


The Healing Hands of Jesus


Jesus reach out to me with your healing love and your healing hands


Anointing  my head with your oil of healing


And bring me back to God


For I am not worthy to walk in your shoes


You did much with your hands Lord Jesus


Including working with them


Please help me to use my hands for your glory


Help me use by gifts for good


As your mother Mary comforted you Jesus


Hug me when I have no one to hug


And teach me to hug others


Who are alone, and the cares of life have ruin their soul


If no one reaches for my hands


I know your hands Lord Jesus will reach for me


And you will never let go


Bless and anoint me


Then the cares of the world will go away




By Stephanie J. McGowan