Rob, I Want To Walk With You Again

My husband Robert passed away on January 24, 2014 from Pancreatic cancer, stage 4, after just being diagnosed on January 3, 2014.  He went pretty quick and was in extreme pain.  The doctor even said she never saw a cancer progress so fast.  His kidneys shut down and the excess fluid went to his heart.  He passed away at the James Cancer Center in Columbus, Ohio. He was only 57 years old.

He was such a good man.  He was funny,  gentle,  and strong, and I know he is with the Lord.  I wrote a poem dedicated to him.  I will love him  forever. Before he went to the other side.  He told me “I will always be with you,” and “everything will be alright.”  We,  his family,  and the world has lost a great man.

I want to walk with you again,

Like we did here and in times to come

So glad that you found me

You remember our walks to Penn’s Landing?

How we looked at the ships,

reminding you of the Navy

You said “Will you marry me?”

We knew each other.

At that first meet, on that sunny street in Delaware, Ohio.

I always liked to watch you swim.

You were good at it.

And I noticed when concerned about things

Your hair curled even more at the back of your neck

I  lift the low brim of your hat, kiss you and say,

“You can’t hide from me?”

You would look at me and the cares went away.

“Everything will be all right” you said

I knew it would be, because you said so.

But remember Al buzz, Big Dave, and Submarine Mike.  All your crazy friends

From the neighborhoods in South Philly,

Our walks to the Italian market

You liked living in Philly.

You grew up in Marion and had many friends.

I never saw so many

Rob, Dave, Rick,  and Warren, the car angel,  and many others

You loved going junking, picking up a scrap or two

Robbie liked riding in the truck with you

You said you playing the drums they called “the strawberry b….” in the Marion Cadets

And I liked it when you called my brother, “Brother”

Robbie, your son “Best Friend” and “Little Buddy”

Charisma, your daughter, “Pretty”

A treasured daughter who loved running errands  with you

I was your “Little Bird”, “Sweety”, and “Pretty”, and you were my “Sweety” and “Purdy Cat”

We were always being funny

Saying silly things about this and that

Our humble house has many nick knacks.

You always made me laugh

No matter what

The way you looked with your happy smile

And smiling eyes set me on fire

You made me happy all the time

Singing your “alien song” and many others

Playing your guitar

You even sang for my mother

She said “Jeanie, he is an angel.”

You reminded me of a minstrel cowboy who lived long ago.

Being “Pretzel the Clown” and sculpting balloons was your joy

Even being Santa occasionally too

You were many great things but you were humble too

There was nothing you couldn’t do

You even healed me when I was sick or tired

Your touch made it magical

I never saw such gifts in anyone

You could make anything better

There was something about you

That was found in no other

I told you your name is “miracle”

Because that is who you really are

But I really want to walk with you again when we meet in Heaven

Even if you already walk with me now

and you said “I will always be with you.”

Robert and Me on our wedding day in 1988
Robert and Me on our wedding day in 1988

Because my love, you are my best friend

The greatest man I will ever know

It is your goodness that makes me wonder

Why there are not many men like you

Then I realized that God only made a special few

And that special few is you.

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