The Magic of Christmas – A Poem

Shepherds adore the Newborn Christ

The magic of the silver bells heard everywhere you go

This time of year expresses  the light of falling snow

and Fall did said its last good-by

and Poinsettia  bloom so very high

while the red and green of  mistletoe dangles from the sky

and you wait for  love to arrive

It’s the happiness of Christmas

But don’t forget the savior in the manger

who loves you even more

He will deck the halls with his true love

The holy child who came from above

His star does not shine on evergreen boughs

no garland wraps his manger

He came to us so unadorned

Those who believe in him are not strangers

As the Spirit of the Lord soars

and be like the shepherds who journey for his gifts

Discern like the Magi who study his star

that brings light to the world from near and afar

It’s the magic of Christmas

Build up your faith with prayerful hands

and praise him for his love

You won’t find him under a tree, but in your heart like a dove

Merry Christmas

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