Poem- Love Without Courage

Love Without CourageLOVE


Is it normal to love or is it normal to hate?

Depends on circumstances or fate

Loving is for the giving

Others void the receiving

And find it not normal to relate

Left out when ignoring fate

Walking out of Love’s revolving door

Others find it just worth faking

For some, romantic dreams are normally forsaken

While living in the world of frustrating love.

They are molded to believe this way

Like a repeated nightmare, they keep collecting fears

Visualized like a mirror reflecting the surreal

Practicing what they want the world to see and feel

A little scrutiny to clear-up

And cover with a band-aid the nicks and cuts

Safer to hide the face of abnormal fears

Rather then showing any kind of courageous love.


I posted this poem on-line as a response to a writer’s prompt involving the word normal or a concept of normal.   I try to bring out what people often like to hide.  They sometimes miss the opportunity for love.