My Poem: A Poem Is Like A Painting-Love Poetry

A poem is like a painting in unison

It brings experience of higher realms into reality

And only for a moment an illusion

Of esoteric sexuality

Amidst the non worldly and carnal

A refreshing epithet for the soul

And whether plant or animal

Brings an experience to higher goals


Beauty ever present

No more turmoil

The soul effervescence like bubbles in Champaign

On a shimmering canvas you see garments shinning through

Or a woman with a pearl earring peering out at you

Her light transcends with every hue

Depicts her mortal being

Some daughter of long ago


Whereas words can sooth the savage beast

Youth wild in revelry, mating signs like a peacock obtuse

Clouds the mind for cupids broken arrow

The written expression cries out to you

Like a broken soul misguided from youth

Trying to find solace

In a bottle

Or recover conquest- translucent hue.


Words can not express a living art

But poetry knows it own heart

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