Jesus Walking On The Water

One of my favorite passages from the Bible is Jesus walking on the water and is found in both Matthew 14:22-33, and Mark 6:45-52.    It is Matthew’s gospel which adds Peter to the story,  and illustrates the apostle’s  attempt to walk towards Jesus on the stormy sea.    This passage illustrates Jesus’ selection of Peter, and how we  should attempt to reach out to Jesus.

At first the apostles, who are helpless on a boat during a storm,  do not realize it is Jesus walking on the water.   When Jesus sees the fearful apostles he tells them: “Do not be afraid, it is I;”  Peter ask, that if it is the son of God, Jesus should command him to walk on the water and come to him.  Jesus commands Peter, who has taken the first step of faith,  to come out of the boat,  and he begins to walk towards Jesus;  however,   Peter loses courage  and begins to sink.  

English: Walking on the sea. Schellenberg. In ...
English: Walking on the sea. Schellenberg. In the Bowyer Bible in Bolton Museum, England. Print 3714. From “An Illustrated Commentary on the Gospel of Mark” by Phillip Medhurst. Section I. Jesus commands the waves. Mark 4:35-41, 6:45-52. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peter tried and He almost made it.   He was the first to recognize Jesus.  Even though Peter listens to Jesus , and not to any other voice.   Terror and uncertainty  allows him to lose control of the situation.  Peter believes he can walk on the water,  but for him it suddenly becomes  an impossibility.   Peter is probably thinking:  I want to go to Jesus, but I am afraid because the waters are to strong for me. 

One must realize that Peter was really courageous and took the first step, he tries to fight  opposition which is fear and doubt, but  Jesus sees something in Peter, and it is courage to follow the Messiah.  God does not  chose  cowards; for it is Christ who makes his followers brave.  Jesus sees us for what we really are and not the way others see us.

I am writing about this passage because I am working on an art project and its subject  is the miracle of Jesus walking on the water .  I can picture the storming sea and feel Peter’s helplessness.   Peter’s attempts to have faith is not really a failure, because his faith is growing.  He will someday do what Jesus wants him to do, and this is why I sometimes feel I need to wait for Jesus to instruct me.   I seek the hand of  God  to guide me.   

This Saturday morning,  a  wonderful confirmation  came to me.    Before I drank my coffee, I opened the Bible to the Gospel of Mark Chapter 6 about Jesus’ miraculous walking on the stormy sea, and then I became amazed that this was a sign from God confirming and blessing  me to continue working on this project.  The subject of this work is about this  very miracle.   The passage was not marked in my Bible nor did I have it in my mind when I awoke this morning.  It was God communicating.

Like Simon Peter there are times when we lose  our courage after taking the first step, but we  should continue to have  courage.    We are afraid of drowning, because our Christianity is not of this world, but we are in the world, and we have to cope with difficulties.  Jesus grabbed Peter’s hand, and we too should reach out to Jesus.   When we reach out to Jesus he will grab our hands and pull us out of our problems .  We will not sink.    We sometimes feel this is hard to do and wonder if we are  true Christian believers.  Jesus saved Peter, but he did not ask for anything back.  Jesus did an act of kindness, and he was teaching Peter to have faith and follow him. 

I can recall times when I was in the stormy sea  and no help was available.  Some outwardly refused to help.    Maybe they felt being used.  They want something in return.    God rewards those who do good.    Jesus offers sincerity when he helps.   I am sure many have experienced similar circumstances.  

When I meet with difficulties,  and have to walk on the storming sea, I  reach out my hands to Jesus and he reaches his hands out to help me.     Jesus always handles the situation and calms things down.  

                              Like he did for Peter and the apostles

                             Jesus does for me.   

                            Jesus loves me.  

                            Jesus can calm the stormy seas. 

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  (words of Saint Paul, Apostle of Jesus Christ)

4 thoughts on “Jesus Walking On The Water”

  1. I love this post! It is the most beautiful, awesome and magical feeling when you realize that God just communicated with you! It brings such comfort and joy! Jesus is our Saviour! Your art project will turn out beautifully, thanks for sharing your experience.!!!!


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