Love Comes Along – A Love Poem

Before I met you there was a wish for you

I did not know you and my sight was closed to you

Because there were no diamonds

I could not find you,

Search Philly for you

Cold, Sparse, Lively


Unfriendly and void of good

Searching unrequited paths

Franklin would be displeased of all the hypocrisy and disease

You were not there when their eyes were coals,

His seeing eye recording all their deeds, unrepentant still.

Can they ever see the Good?


Paths cross in the month of Aries

You came smiling to me

See the angel of divine meetings, Raphael, each worthy of each

No ulterior motive.  Please.

So tired of feeling Alien among the weeds!

Then, I met you.


A soul on its journey, Renewed

God stepped in and made the sun shine through the stew

The world was full of it!

But the karmic wave

Sparkling eyes – the emerald isles – like your Heart

A fine Jewel.

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