Daily Prompt-Pick a word and Google it, then pick the eleventh image and write about it

I picked the word prophecies and the eleventh picture was of Jesus with five children hugging him, praying to him, and appearing to want his help and consolation. They are wonderfully happy to see him. There is so much love in this picture and this is the main focus, that even adults can be his children when we are humble as these children are humble. I get a strong feeling about this image and it speaks of love. I feel the love he has for many. Jesus was said to tell the apostles to let the little children come to him because the kingdom of God belongs to them. This image also illustrates Jesus as a compassionate and wise teacher who is able to instruct the weak. There are no learned scholars in this picture only the humble children who are not corrupt. The background illustrates one of the mothers who is taking her child to see Jesus. This means that we should take our concerns to Jesus and show we love him because we listen to his word. He gives us love back and unconditionally. Great picture and I am lucky to find it.

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