Daily Post: Invent a holiday and explain why and how everyone should celebrate

Honor Creation Day

There are holidays to honor human events and cultures, but has there ever been a holiday to respect and honor creation, and to thank God for our existence? I think there should be a holiday to honor all life which includes the creation of our universe, humanity, animals, and the rest of God’s creatures. Honor Creation Day encompasses bits and pieces of other holidays, but goes beyond cultures, religion, and nature worship. There are many ways to respect creation without cultural differences and political correctness and this holiday can be celebrated in many more personal ways.

Having a holiday to honor creation will assist in resolving some psychological and humanitarian issues for most people, because it will be an honor to appreciate life. It may not be a perfect solution, but it can be a start. Some people do not honor life. To honor creation is really a psychological and intrinsic need because many question the world around them and their existence. Many may not realize or acknowledge a deep need to be appreciated as a human being and wanting to know if God exist. Creation day will help many people realize that they were created for a purpose which is love and to appreciate living their lives as God intended them to live. The purpose is to appreciate someone because they exist and to also appreciate yourself. One does not have to like someone, but everyone should be respected.

There is already a national prayer day, an earth day, and a respect for life day, but creation involves the very act of the creator who created life on our planet. Those who do not believe in God can still appreciate creation because they exist and live in a world fill of different and similar creations. The things that they love still exist beyond themselves and exist for a reason. Perhaps this will allow those who do not believe in God to finally realize that there is more to life than just their own existence.

The celebration of creation day can take place anywhere and can involve any form of celebration including sending cards, lighting candles, praying, communicated with others and saying thank you for being a great person, and it would be nice to get a day off if this holiday becomes a Federal holiday or worldwide prayer type event. I recommend one of the following days: October 2, April 19, January 17, or August 3.

The cares of life are all around us, and also the negative results of war, politics, natural disasters, and people exhibiting hatred and cruelty which can happen anywhere and at anytime. This type of holiday may not resolve all the issues facing daily struggles but it will help most people to stop and think about considering solutions. Having a creation day will allow us even for a second to question our actions and not just be politically correct, and honestly allow us to take a clean look around our world and appreciate each other regardless of our inner natures.

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