The Influences Which Motivated Me To Become A Writer

What motivated me to become a writerMy earlier creations in writing began when I was sixteen years old as a response to situations and circumstance in my life,and the world of the late 1960′s early 1970′s.  I wanted answers, was curious, and sought to explain things on my own. I began wondering about love and if I would ever find love. Sometimes when you are young you think you are old, and you feel of if you are missing something.  At this young age, I guessed I looked at other people who made me feel that  something was missing else. I was not ready to have a relationship.  If I could not find romance, I would write about it, and so I did.

I wrote love and nature poems. The first words I remember writing was in a poem about love. I don’t remember the lines, but if I still have this poem I will write it in my blog. The poem was so emotional that you can really feel how I felt.   I think I had a keen interest in people, but could not understand them, and I questioned the actions of others.  I was more of an observer  and wanted to know why people made certain decisions.

A lot of my earlier poems were about questioning life, nature, people, emotions, and God. I was fond of Shakespeare and Chaucer, because their works are so spectacular, and they are good at intricately observing people. Writers write about life, nature, beauty, and everything humans go through.

I started to love history and the study of ancient civilizations. Ancient people fascinated me, and I particularly liked the Scandinavian people, the Vikings  and Medieval Europe.

As a young teen, I walked many blocks to the library to do research while I was in high school because I wanted to write a book.  I also enjoyed the long walks and while walking I often had a melody in my head.  There were no  MP 3 players back then.  I believe all of the arts are related.  If you are creative in one form of art, you have musical gifts or appreciate music.  I enjoyed singing and decided to study music and learned to play the clarinet in High School.  I also drew pictures occasionally.

While at home one day, I came up with a story about a young man and his father who was an archaeologist. This was an idea which inspired me to write at least five chapters of a story about a Viking ship.   This story was inspired on my walks to the library.  No one guided me or even told me how to write, and I basically leaned a few things on my own.   Someday I will finish this little story,  and published it.

Even though I stopped writing to take on other interest,  I felt myself being drawn back again to one of my first loves.  Writing is a dream state without being asleep.  It is a release of the inner voice and an expression of ones creative self. I am truly grateful for the experience and joy of writing.

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