Planting A Garden And Sowing Kindness

Early this past spring, I noticed the wind was blowing hard outside, but it was still a beautiful,  sunny, and warm day.  It was early April, and occasionally there was a gust of wind which although very forceful  quietly went adagio or at a slow pace.  There was a feeling that the wind was going to re-surface again, but I thought it pleasant sounding.   The winds on that day were not from storms, but they were natures way of helping to propagate plants for the new season of growing and providing sustenance.

You can compare the winds of nature, a force for change, with the forces in life which have positive or negative results.  Nature is uncontrollable, and situations in life can get out of control.  You can do  everything right, but like a severe storm disaster strikes; however, storms can subside because of prayer and good deeds or actions shown to others.  Seeds of kindness can be planted by giving sound advice, and this is a great way to show that you care.  With every good deed a blessing follows, and goodness nourishes a soul.

Parents should teach children to always be kind even when situations are difficult.  If the child refuses to comply with the parents wishes, at least the parents  tried.  You have heard the reference found in the Bible about a good seed bringing forth good fruit.   There really is no perfect way to raise a child.  Like plants depended on the environment, children are also nurtured by others in their world.

When the wind subsided that Spring day, I remembered that I must buy seeds for my new garden.  I try to make my garden better every year.  We all need to improve.   My husband and I  receive some gifts of  beautiful orange-colored sweet corn seeds, cucumber seeds, and squash seeds  At the harvest they were not only beautiful to look at but  tasted excellent.   This was my first time growing corn, and I found the grain like structures fascinating   We already have second year perennials  growing in the garden and they include sage, mint, lemon balm, fennel, lavender, rosemary, and oregano.

I am grateful for the gift of nice  seeds, the wind,  and the beauty of nature which inspires me to work on showing more kindness to others.    When spring returns, plant a garden because it is a gift you give to yourself, and sweet rewards will blow your way.

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