Fiction – Strange Story (Brief Intro)

Travis knew his day was starting differently for two reasons.  It was Friday, July 13,  and a crow flew and landed at the edge of  his window.  Travis  believed these birds were messengers but not of the ordinary kind,  and the message was not always obvious.  He started to cough and hack with intestinal distress, and this was the way his body responded even though he did not smoke and was never sick.   All different signs and wonders manifested themselves throughout his twenty-four  years, but Travis already figured out most of them   His gift was both a blessing and a curse.  He knew something was about to occur, and he did not really want to know, but if he had to know, he was ready.  “You have true hillbilly vision”, his boss, Luke, at the drive through would say while pestering him to predict the lottery.  Travis said his gift did not work that way   Travis worked for Luke part-time, but his most treasured job was working for Steven’s mechanics shop where he repaired and detailed cars.  As if to bring Travis back to reality, the crow gave another, even louder, caw.  It wanted his attention badly.  The messenger gave one last peck at the window and flew away.  Travis decided to jump on his Harley and chase it. The sky had a serious dark hue to it, and it looked like rain, but there was no smell of the rain. Travis’ had time for the chase, because he did not have to work today.

He drove off and down into a valley chasing the bird, which appeared to pose on a tree as if waiting for him.  Travis viewed a  flock of moving clouds in the distance,  but the clouds quickly disappeared as he suddenly found himself behind an old car.  He found an intriguing thing, but he did not know why.

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