Poem dedicated to my mother

To My Mother-Remember Me

Are there ever any dreams in heaven?

Like those about winding roads

That leads you to remember me

With my small hand in yours

And will you pray for me?

Because I miss your eyes and smile

And the way you comforted me

In my heart of a small child

Will you not forget the bond we had?

As I told you all my cares

And you said to “trust in God

For he knows all your fears”

And you said you wish

You had money back then.

You never strive for fanciness

To broken to care about success

But the love that you had

You gave the best

From my heart of a poet

Mom you’re the best.

I remember when I ask my mother to pray for me, and I often did this even as a child.  I remember, believe it or not, this birthday. I think my cousin Carmel or my Aunt Josephine took this picture.

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