Reaching our Higher Self -Stand Up For Truth

If you are a Christian and follow the right path,  you may have to stand up for the what is morally sound and become independent from the crowd.   Don’t be afraid of standing up for your Christian and biblical principles.

Those who oppose biblical viewpoints believe they are right too.  They have an attitude of “What’s wrong with you?” especially if you disagree with them on certain issues.    But conflict is good because it is a motivational tool encouraging Christians to witness to the truth.

 When we see something happen we are witnesses.  I believe that after death,  all whom God has chosen, will be witnesses before the Lamb of God and give testimony on the deeds of men.  God still knows everything, but this event acts as a confirmation.

Standing up for the truth is not easy.  You have to earn your strips in life because Jesus did, and no one is better than Jesus.  It is by his wisdom that he teaches us some ways to  accept adversity and stand up for moral truths.  You may lose friends, but know that God is your  friend.

We are not living in Eden.  Life is not perfect.  Adversity is a type of suffering and it comes  in all forms.  It is part of the human condition.  If you suffer for the right things you are bless. So be aware that persecution follows when you are standing up for the truth.

Both Christians as well as  non-Christians should strive to reach  higher moral principles  or what I call the ‘God Spirit’  side.  Focusing on prayer  decreases our carnal nature because we are in touch with God.  Prayer helps build good character traits.

Everything that man does is not perfect so how can man’s ideas be perfect?   Some people even believe in a cause when they know the philosophy behind it is wrong.  They see themselves as heroes for a cause.  This is all about vanity and self-delusion.

Some people want to believe that everything is okay and everyone will be happy if they go along with radical thinking.  If your conscience tells you it is wrong believe your conscience.  You should have one.

History teaches us that pursuing the wrong cause or having the  wrong friends can lead  to destruction.  The Roman Empire fell because it became morally corrupt from within.  There is a result of sin.

Many people are mislead by agreeing with  the false statements borrowed from music icons, popular movie stars, or famous intellectuals.   These good deed doers contribute to charities and adopt children, but they lead others astray by their unholy, politically correct,  lifestyles.    People who follow and agree with them are afraid of being seen as old fashion because  they want acceptance.  Most of these famous influential people use politics to suck the morals out of society.

We can all reach a higher purpose if we  live by God’s laws and not the laws of cultures, societies, and trends.  Societal influences are all human creations and are not from the divine.

Don’t follow the crowd  like the demon possessed pigs mentioned in  the New Testament.  The pigs ran themselves off a cliff and got destroyed after Jesus commanded the demons to leave the man and they entered into the pigs.   Obey God because the Lord loves you.   You can do it.  How?  Ask for faith,  stand  for the good, and don’t be afraid of truth.

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