A Prayer, Jesus’ Healing Hands


Corcovado jesus
Corcovado jesus (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


Say this prayer for Healing which Jesus inspired me to write.


The Healing Hands of Jesus


Jesus reach out to me with your healing love and your healing hands


Anointing  my head with your oil of healing


And bring me back to God


For I am not worthy to walk in your shoes


You did much with your hands Lord Jesus


Including working with them


Please help me to use my hands for your glory


Help me use by gifts for good


As your mother Mary comforted you Jesus


Hug me when I have no one to hug


And teach me to hug others


Who are alone, and the cares of life have ruin their soul


If no one reaches for my hands


I know your hands Lord Jesus will reach for me


And you will never let go


Bless and anoint me


Then the cares of the world will go away




By Stephanie J. McGowan


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