How Picking Up Junk Leads To Meeting A Poet

I arose early this morning because there is something about the morning with all its peace and tranquility which often inspires me to want to go on an adventure.  I call it sojourning or soul journeying.   Robert, my husband, made some oatmeal for us, and it was really delicious.  We take turns making breakfast, and we love our cup of coffee.




While listening to our town’s call-in radio station “Trady-o”, where anyone can sell, buy, or trade used or new merchandise,  my husband responded to a request from a woman who wanted an old chair removed from her home..  I kind of said oh no to myself, but I realized I was being critical.  I thought it a little stupid,  but he said the lady was paying him some money.  He asked me if I wanted to go along for the ride.  I said okay and got ready.  I decided to be a good sport and looked forward to an adventure.  

We arrived at the front of  Betty’s house and she came out. She was an older woman.  Rob put the chair in the truck and he started to talk to her.  He loves to talk.  He called out to me and asked the lady to come to the truck.  She looked familiar to me because I thought I saw her just last week or so, and I don’t remember the actually situation, but I later told she looked familiar.  It was a good situation.  She said she is a writer. My husband told her I was also a writer, and that is why she wanted to meet me.    I said “Wow!, how nice”, and asked her what she wrote.  She said “I am a poet.”  I told her I was a poet too, and how it felt great meeting a fellow poet.  Betty is also a published author and won many awards.  I read one of my poems and she thought it was good.  My husband is creative too and also sang one of his songs.  All this spontaneous entertainment was surely fun and a blessing in disguise.

She then said to keep my pen out because she wanted to autograph her poetry book and give it to me as a gift.  I felt really honored by this kind gesture.    I am so glad I met Betty today.  Meeting her was a wonderful surprise, and I am glad I went along on the trip thanks to my husband.  

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