A Vision Of My Mother

On November 30, 2011 I had the following spiritual experience with my mother Jenny who passed away in 2007.   I am reproducing was I originally wrote.

I can feel my mother right now next to me.  It is her spirit that I feel since she passed away on January 7,  2007.  She was eighty-seven.  Something about today and sitting in this chair is mystical in many ways.  I can feel the winter season in the air and hear the wind lightly howl.  Just then I saw her next to me, but she is younger and very happy.  She has a white dress and a crown of flowers with a flowing piece of material around her head.  Her hair is long.  It is only for a split second that I can see her. When this happens  it is not frightening.

When she appeared she was on my right side, but she turned and looked directly at me , and this was only for a second.  Her feet were not on the ground.   At the same time pleasant  memories rush back to me of my simple childhood which was sparked by the sound of the wind coming through the window.   There was both the vision and the sensation of my environment going on at the same time.    My mother appears extremely  happy and her smile is so beautiful.  I feel bless to see her, because I know she comes to comfort me, because she knows I miss her.

In my mother’s hand was an object which looked like a  white cake with frosting,  but it had a rectangular shape.  It  had lights  on the top which were very small but brilliant and resembled stars.  It is a spiritual object, and I am not sure of the meaning.

It is believe that the good  spirits, which once were human, act as messengers in the afterlife.  The Catholic church calls them saints, and the Lord planned it this way.  Somewhere in the Bible it mentions the following:  “they are like the angels in heaven.”  Jesus has always been my inspiration and I always go directly to God.  He is a good God.

When I was a child and into adulthood, I occasionally would asked my mother this question:  ” When you die mom, can you come see  me and let me know you are alright?”    Her response always:  “I will if God let’s me.”  I told her I did not want her to ever die.

I always have been spiritually minded even as a child, and I often questioned a lot of things, especially the spiritual side of life.   Sometimes I was told to go and play by my uncles and aunts because I asked them so many questions.  I don’t think they had the answers.  This is when I started asking God for answers to my spiritual questions.


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