How God blessed me at a yard sale

If you  believe that God works in mysterious ways, you are not alone, because I believe that God can use anybody and anything to create a blessing.  Blessings happen to people who believe.  Now I am not saying life is easy, because I have been through some struggling times, but I want to say that last week I was blessed by going to my neighbor’s yard sale even if I did go reluctantly.

My reluctance turned to curiosity, and I wanted to show interest in what my husband wanted to buy.  Little did I know that a miracle was going to take place, and that  God was using my husband without his knowledge to go across the street to the neighbor’s yard sale.

My husband was interested in buying two slot machines.  I told him we did not have a place for them, but I went anyway.  The slot machines looked interesting and fun and would be great buys for a game room.  One of them had a cartoon of a turtle warrior (Ninja) and the other had an ocean theme.  The neighbor demonstrated how they worked and said he bought them a long time ago and wanted to sell them.

My husband asked about the value, and we made a deal to buy them, but before we left my husband asked if they were registered and the man said yes.  He indicated that his slot machines had serial numbers.  I immediately noted the serial number of the turtle slot machine and it had three sevens and a two.  I looked at my  husband and told him about the three sevens and the two.   The three sevens is the numerical code for Christ.

We did not buy the machines because another neighbor told us they were not really worth the price and he had knowledge that the machines break down more often than you can play them.  Even though we did not buy the game machines, we played the number and won the lottery that afternoon.  I like turtles.

So you see God can use anybody or anything,  and I believe he gave me a blessing right around my birthday.  Thank you Jesus.

Slot machine.
Slot machine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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