The Good Shepherd: Recognizing The Right Voice

Many  people look for advice or guidance from friends, family members,  and clergy, and even after advice is given,  there is uncertainty if the advice is correct.  This happens because most advice is  subjective and often the gifts of faith and intuition are overlooked.  In the parable of the good shepherd,  Jesus says that he is the gate (the way), and he wants us to listen to his voice.  We need no other.

In the parable of  John’s gospel,  Jesus eloquently states that his sheep will not follow a stranger  because they belong to him.     Not everyone born is a follower of Christ, and they will not see Jesus as their shepherd.  They follow the voice of “the stranger”, who is mentioned in the parable of  “The Good Shepherd”.   This is why Jesus calls the stranger a thief who steals men and woman away from Christ.  What is being stolen is the human soul.

How does the good shepherd approach us?  Jesus is straightforward, and says that he is the gate or the way.  (John 10:10)   Jesus  states that the stranger or deceiver approaches the sheep in a deceptive way.  (John 10: 1-6)  The deceiver may use religion or other people to deceive.   Jesus wants to save our souls.  He even says that he will die for his sheep, and his sheep know him.  (John 10:14)  This is very true for the Christian.  In verse sixteen, Jesus predicts that he has many kinds of sheep which are  not of  the fold.  (John 10:16)  He is  referring to the gentiles.

Jesus knows that we are more intelligent than sheep, and he understands that human life is complicated.  His message goes beyond animal instinct and rises towards the concept of free will which is given to man.  We are given a choice if we want to recognize him as shepherd.

You can still listen to various opinions but do not be deceived.  The person giving the advice may have entered through the wrong gate.   Only Jesus, the Christ, can enter through the gate, and he is the true shepherd.

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