Sunday The Lord’s Day

Thank God for this beautiful day.  I was inspired by the silence of a Sunday morning.  I felt the peace and goodness all around me which is not always true about other days of the week, but there is something about a Sunday.  The words of a poem kept coming to me, but I kept it inside because I wanted to pray.  I felt that God was communicating to me.

I picked  a prayer and it was about obedience and that God blesses the obedient.  I  have become more synchronized

One of the rivers in Ohio

or tuned-in to God’s voice which is more of an inner feeling.   This feeling is full of love.  God was speaking to me in this silence, because he wanted me to tell someone, my son, who needed this prayer.   I read the prayer to him.  He is  twenty-two years of age.

Just stop and listen to that silence and you may hear God’s voice.

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