Seeds of Kindness

The wind is blowing hard outside, but it is still a beautiful,  sunny, warm day.  Occasionally there is a gust of wind which is very forceful and then dies down quietly, but you can’t really tell when you will hear the next gust of wind. Now the winds today are not storms, but they are natures way of helping to propagate plants which give sustenance for animals and mankind.

One can compare the winds of nature, a force for change, with the forces in life which have positive or negative results.  Nature can be uncontrollable, and situations in life can get out of control.  One can do  everything right, but like a severe storm disaster strikes; however, storms can subside because of prayer and good deeds or actions shown to others.  Seeds can be planted with good advice, kindness, and helpfulness, because with every act of kindness a blessing follows.  Goods deeds are like beautiful plants.

People need to act  kind to one another,  because sowing acts of kindness lead to great rewards.  You have heard the reference found in the Bible about a good seed bringing forth good fruit.

The wind is subsiding now, but I am reminded that I have to buy seeds for my garden.  It is a new year and I have to decide on what I will plant.  Today my husband and I received a gift of some beautiful orange-colored sweet corn seeds, cucumber seeds, and squash seeds  We already have second year perennials  growing in the garden and they include sage, mint, lemon balm, fennel, and oregano.

I am grateful for the gift of the lovely seeds, the wind,  and the beauty of nature, and this inspires me to work on showing more kindness.  Plant a good seed today or start a garden because it is a gift you are giving yourself and others, and the wind will blow a harvest your way.

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