Value Decision Making Paper-A Study

RUNNING HEAD:  Value Decision for JMI


Value Decision for JMI

By Stephanie J. McGowan


February 26, 2006


            JetSet Machinations (JMI) upper level managers are interested in reducing cost and increasing profit, and managerial accounting is willing to present and apply value chain management to accomplish this task. The value chain is a set of activities and resources necessary for the creation and delivery of a product to its customers.  (Williams, J) There are six value chain functions in which management can find accounting information and which decisions can be made to assist in the value chain effort.  Value chain includes the following:  research and development, design and engineering, production and distribution, and customer service.  (Zimmerman, R. 2006).  “Value added activities “add to the product’s or service’s desirability in the eyes of the consumer, Non-value added activities do not add to the product’s desirability.” (Williams, J) The goal is to drive out cost and satisfy the needs of the customer.  (Williams).  When accounting information is collected throughout the value chain questions can be answered to assist management in understanding and resolving solutions for JMI’s accounting methods. 

             Value Chain Analysis has three essential steps which includes the following:  the breaking down of a market or organization into its key activities; the identifying of current activities where a business has a competitive advantage; and the utilization of activities for the business which will help improve or sustain a competitive advantage. (tutor2u) What is JMI’s competitive advantage? Since, JMI produces shoes for travel, and they are certainly comfortable, the company may want to fund better production methods or design special styling of shoes, perhaps the shoes have an orthopedic advantage over other shoes purchased from JMI’s competitors.  Accounting may ask research and development in conducting a survey to find out if customers really appreciate comfort of shoe style instead of design.  What will it cost to provide this comfort? 

             Managers are often called to make decisions in resource and development.  Target costing begins at the onset of a new product and service and includes planning and market analysis.  The engineering of the product is important and the question of how to improve on the product remains a constant goal.  How can JetSet Machinations improve on its travel products?  Value chain engineering speeds up the development and the perfection of a product because every department works together simultaneously becomes multi-functional. (Williams) The fact that a product can be improved upon is also included and what funds can be expended to make this improvement. 

             Each part of the value chain incurs its own unique demand and cost.  Accountants for JetSet Machinations, Incorporated will want to assess its current cost and predict what its future cost will be.  This organization wants to know what should be considered in determining the cost to make the product and also to bring the product to the consumer.  What is fair and profitable for the consumer and all the stakeholders?  This knowledge will help determine the price for the product.  It is also understood that when changes in the marketing mix occurs, the changes will influence the cost of JMI’s products. This influences the concept of cost and demand.  The question of having just one cost system to provide the cost information in a competitive market needs to be answered.  Inventory control and production and cost metrics for the product must be considered.  All the expenses belonging to each group of the value chain must be studied.  (Stephens, J. 1992).

             Questions can also be address in the value chain for customer service.  Some questions address how does the value chain add value to the customer, or basically what does the customer get when he/she buys the product?   Profit is important to an organization and the most important goal is to help create value for the customer.  According to Ronald J. Baker, an organization must price for the customer and understand the five Cs of value: 

             1) Comprehend value to customers
          2) Create value for customers
          3) Communicate the value you create
          4) Convince customers they must pay for value
          5) Capture value with strategic pricing based on value, not costs and efforts

 These five components assist in determining how an organization can become more profitable.   (Baker, R. 2005)

             This is why the whole value chain is studied and the cost structure is looked upon as a whole.  Sometimes it is necessary to shift to another point in the value chain perhaps maybe product design instead of customer service. (Stephen, J.). An example would be if managerial accounting uses marketing or product design to attract the right customers because they may be able find a solution to the product quicker than distribution could. (Stephen, J.)   One of the questions that can be answered by product design is about product safety, such as the soles of the shoes to prevent any slippage.  What will it cost to provide this safety?  Research and development will probably look at various materials suitable for JMI to use in its productions of travel shoes.   Accounting can also ask this question to determine if JetSet should seek out other locations for their warehouses to cut down on transportation expense and storage space.

             JMI must create a business development plan which covers the cost for tools, equipment, labor, and future improvements.   JMI will look to its suppliers and try to negotiate the best possible cost.  In distribution of the product, JMI must ask how much they are willing to spend in shipping their products.  A strategy devised by Mike Scimeca of Florida CirTech in Sarasota, who provided chemicals and metals for the circuit board industry was to ask his supplies for advice.  He asked them how they saved money in transporting via trucking and found out he could save cost if his freight traveled at a cheaper weight classification.  He reduced freight cost by 15%.  (Mochari, I. 2000).

             Engineering is also important in the value chain because it helps develop and construct new products that should be innovative.  This is aided by information that is collected.  How will JMI gather this information?  The most likely answer will be a good informational system that tracks maintenance, locates materials necessary to build a better product.   Inventory can also be check to make sure everything is in stock in order to meet production scheduling and customer demand.  Scheduling must conform to customer needs and demands.  What if a specification should suddenly change, the method of the value system which cohesively blends each part of the value chain will be ready?   Multi-dimensional inventory management is one way to do this and a company believes in each part of the value chain communicating with the other.  Some of these features include the following as taken directly from the Information Solutions website: 

 • Comprehensive real-time communications across your value chain, including customers, suppliers, subcontractors, logistics providers, plants and other facilities–with EDI, XML and traditional communications such as FAX

• Robust capacity planning, scheduling, management and resource management tools for multiple methods of managing customers, labor, tooling, supply sources, shipping and plant equipment

• Multiple advanced statistical forecasting tools to measure demand and supply chain performance without relying on after-the-fact reports

• Comprehensive order-to-cash processes for accurate, real-time drill-down into information from Payables and Receivables across other business operations

• Multifunction analytical tools to enhance user productivity and provide exception based

insight into operations and simplified reporting for departmental and managerial needs

 One of the questions that may be asked by accounting is if JMI should deal with the same suppliers or seek out other suppliers to save money and be exposed to new product and materials?

             In conclusion, there are many questions that can be answered by accounting because of the methodologies of the value chain system.  It is this synchronization that works together to help in customer resource management, value, profit and cost savings for JMI and its stakeholders.

(NOTE):  The companies listed are fictitious and part of a class study.


















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The Voice of Jesus through the Prophecy of Jeshurun.

I am pleased to advise that my marriage to Ralph K. Paskins, a prophet named Jeshurun,  the name given to him by the Lord,  recently took place in December 2016.  These prophecies are for those who deceive the innocent   The language is the prophetic language given under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  “My people” are those who believe in Jesus Christ as the true Messiah, and Jesus as God in the flesh.  There is only one God.  The evil is the anti-Christ and the world system that goes against the love of God.

Let the reader know that the things that I speak in this prophecy is not to be taken literally but spiritually under the hand of the Holy Spirit which is Jesus our Lord.

To the shepherds abroad:  The Lord of Host is my name.  I’m sick of your abominations that you commit against my name and against my holy ones who are called by my name.  I’m appalled by your actions that you commit against my people.  I’m angry at the shepherds that have left my flocks for pieces of silver and gold in vessels that you carry; therefore, I will return to my people you have robbed and they shall spoil your houses and I will consecrate your silver and gold which you have stored up for yourselves and give it back to my people.  You have evilly entreated and cast out for my name sake says the King of Israel your savoir.  Your abominations won’t prosper says the Lord in the day of my vengeance says your God.  I will take my people that you have treated with contempt and bless them out of Zion my holy mountain, and my little ones won’t want anymore says your God,  because you have profaned my Holy Sabbath and done violence to my holy law which I have laid down for my people Israel.

You should not have looked upon my peoples nakedness and not have clothed them when I gave you plenty of cloth to clothe them with says the Lord your King and God.  Now your abominations are in your own lap, and you shall suffer for your own inconsistencies that you showed my people says the Lord of Host.  You shall be in wanting when my people shall be comforted says your King and Lord The mighty one of Israel.  You are an evil prince who shows no compassion for his people.  Therefore I will show you no mercy when I come for my redeemed who are called by my name says the Lord and your King, The Holy one of Israel.  You are heartless and have no faith in my people you are an off scouring of your own soul.

Your full of discord to my people who have no hope in me because you show no retribution to vindicate my people who are called by my name.  Your stench in my nostrils says the Lord.  A burden to my soul all the day,  and you trouble me with your sins that you commit against my people; therefore, I will take away the burden of my people and slay you and your little ones that dwell in your ivory houses that you raised up for yourselves, and I will grind your houses into the dust and they shall not rise the second time nor shall I leave you root or branch.  I will give my people whom you have mistreated ivory houses and gold crowns upon their heads, and all nations shall fall down prostrate before my holy ones, my anointed ones who are called by the King of Israel.

Woe to you who forsake the flock and abandon my little ones who call upon my name and have profane my Holy sanctuary and  despise  my spirit of grace.  I came and walked among my people and to the whole world that I created by my hands.  I came and gave you a sure house to dwell in even your God,  but you divided my Holy house by your abominations that you commit.

Woe to you who call bitter sweet and sweet bitter and you justify a murderer for a morsel of bread and desecrated my Holy name to bring shame and disgrace to my people who are called by my name.  Therefore my name shall become wormwood to you because you desecrated my Holy name and my holy house by your abominable acts that you impose upon my people who you have profaned.  Your abominations will continue no further for I will return in the season of life and Jacob shall have a son who shall turn his people away from their sins,  and I will cleanse their blood that I have not cleansed says their king in that day David shall be their king,  and I shall be their God and their savior the Holy One of Israel.

My people shall want no more and they shall never be oppressed by the oppressor nor shall they be accused by the accuser for I shall accuse his people that have accused my people,  and I will make them put on their own accusations that they accuse my people with,  and they shall consume them by the fire of my jealousy.  I will command the fire to burn them, but my people that are in the fire won’t be hurt by the second death that shall come all over the Earth says your redeemer.  The Lord of Host is my name.

Whoever  is not written in the book of life shall be hurt by the second death which shall burn forever and ever.  Woe to you when your flesh shall burn and the worm dies not.  Never shall you have light in outer darkness for the former shall pass away from my eyes and there shall be no more sea for the elements of this world will vanish when the trumpet sounds;  then,  I shall receive my own with interest,  and they shall know I have loved my people with an everlasting love that shall never fade away.  I will take away all fear and pain from my people,  and they shall know me.    I am the one who comforts them world without end says the Lord who has redeemed his people.  There shall be no more tears or sadness for the former works shall be done away.

Woe to the lawyers who sell my people to an anti-Christ spirit, even as you have been deceived by the deceiver.  You get nothing for selling my people through a bribe you accepted from a false spirit, for you shall not profit in the end.  Sin for a season is all that you earn says the Lord of vengeance.  You shall soon wake up for I will wake you up through my shepherds that are after my own heart and they shall show you your reward that I shall give you for the evil you’ve imposed upon my people.  Woe to you  dark prince that sets upon your throne in a kings court and you defraud my people and keep them from coming to me,  King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Woe to you Satan you crooked serpent that deceives the whole world for you and your children shall be crushed under the feet of a man child that shall be born in the Earth.  A man after my own heart David by name.  He shall be called the son of the highest.

Woe to you lawyers you brood of snakes who carry venom in your sacks and my people are charmed by you, because you sing or play a pleasant sound to them till in a moment its too late for them to return and you sink your teeth into them and they die by your venomous bite!  Your lies won’t endure for I will soon come and expose your purpose you have planned and it shall not prosper.   You shall die you crooked serpent.

For I will remove the rocks from my people,  and they shall know that you were a liar and deceiver,  an anti-Christ spirit all over the earth.  I will destroy your purpose and plan that you’ve planned against me, and my people shall see me sitting upon the throne of my glory and every knee shall bow to me.  All people shall know that I am the only God says the Lord.  You’ve made yourself rich by your abominations.  You’ve conjured up.  You sorceress of deception.  You deceived  men, but you don’t fool your God for I will come and expose your nakedness, and my people shall see your deception that you’ve devised against the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

You’ve practiced your magical arts.  Your prognosticators and deceivers who build your houses with miry clay and burnt the ones you deceived and call them Holy.  Your wormwood a poison of deception and anti-Christ spirit.  You’ve filled my vessels with all kinds of lies and deception.  Therefore you shall drink your own judgement and be made drunk till you stagger and can’t read the writing on the wall says the word.  Your deception won’t rise the second time for the end has come before my eyes and Babylon has come before my judgment seat says your God and your King, King Jesus!

The table is set and the curtain is opened wide and my people who have my seal on their foreheads shall enter into my holy domain,.  My sanctuary that I set in the Earth.  They shall sit down at my table for I shall cleanse the feet of my people and long enjoy the fruit of their labor that they labored for.   I will call them with a great trumpet blast and there shall be an assembly of people come and dine at my table I have prepared and made.

They shall sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in my kingdom.  They shall want no more or have lack in their vessels, for  the former shall not be spoken of anymore.  For the former shall pass away with a great noise when I come to gather my elect from the four winds of Heaven.  My angels shall come with great trumpet sound and I shall gather from one end of heaven to the other,  for  I will be merciful to my people,  and their sins and iniquities I will remember no more.  This is the day of retribution.  The day the Lord has made.   We will rejoice and be glad in it.

This is the day of the Lord.   This is the day of Adam , and this is the day of Seth.  This is the day of Enoch.  This is the day of Noah.  This is the day of Babylon.  This is the day of Abraham. This is the day of Isaac.  This is the day of Jacob.  This is the day of Joseph.  This is the day of Moses.  This is the day of Caleb and Joshua.  This is the day of Samson.  This is the day of Deborah and Baruch.  This is the day of all the judges.  This is the day of Samuel.  This is the day of David the King.  This is the day of Solomon the King.  This is the day of Elijah.  This is the day of all the prophets says the Lord.

Seal the vision and mark its place son of man; for soon I will come and wind up the book and seal it forever for my people,  and they shall long enjoy their fruit forever.  They shall never wither,  and all that they shall do shall prosper forever and ever says the Lord and your King.












Vision of the Lord’s Arms

The morning of September 16, 2016, I saw a beautiful white sheep looking at me; then, I saw the Lords arms, which had embroidery of gold onto white material.  I saw him pull the skin off of the sheep and there was a ripping sound.  He was either shearing the sheep by hand or pulling it off.  What he pulled off was the white fluffy fur of the sheep.  He did this about three times.  I heard the ripping of the fleece.

It was as if I understood that he was doing a certain work or a work to be done.  Jesus is the good shepherd, and he is straightening out the sheep.  He is shearing his sheep that need to be found.  He is using his Christian people and doing a work in them.


My Encounters with Prophecy and Vision

When I was twenty-two I had both a dream and a vision of Jesus the Christ.   I felt his presence before particularly when I was ten, but my later experiences  were a confirmation of my calling to follow Christ, and the manifestation of the beginning of my gifts including the gift of prophecy.    I don’t remember which came first, but I am starting with the dream where I saw Jesus standing on the sanding shore and water was moving in the background.

Jesus  was just there as if he was waiting for me.  He had a plain robe and wore sandals.  I knew it was Jesus the Christ.  I ran up to him, and I said:  “It is you!  I finally see you!”  I hugged him and my arms appeared to fit around him.  As I embraced him, he grew in size getting bigger and bigger, but I still had my arms around him, still looking him in the face.  I recall a large shout but did not see where it came from.  Jesus began changing in appearance in front of me.

His hair changed to white and it flowed, and he had the most beautiful crystal blue eyes.  I was above Earth and remember going upwards.  The Lord was huge,  and he encompass everything around him.  The most awesome thing happen while looking at him.  All the stars and planets came out of his eyes as I was lifted up from earth and was in space.  Everything that God made I saw in a few seconds or appeared to understand him more.  I was extremely happy at what was happening, but at the same time I could not understand why I was having this dream.  Don’t get me wrong, it felt spectacular that God would come to me, because I did not think of myself as an important person, but I did pray to him.

Then I awoke with such a wonderful feeling that I jumped  up in bed.  Not even gradually but immediately sat up in bed.  My heart was pounding, and I could hear it.   I never experienced  this before.  I had to grasp for breath, but at the same time I was the most happy person on earth    I shouted for my mother who was in another room and told her about the dream.  She was happy for me, but I could not explain to her how great I really felt.  She believed and loved  Jesus.

On June 21, 2016, while praying with my prayer partner, and under the anointing and the gift of tongues, I saw two angels, and Jesus as king in a background setting.    Jesus was sitting on a marble throne. Other images in the background were  not so clear, but they were clear enough to see a brief image.  In this vision I could feel myself holding a palm branch and there were other people next to me and in back of me, but I could only feel their presence.  We  were in my kitchen.  God does not need a church building.  He is everywhere.

Then, in the spirit, I was before the wailing wall in Jerusalem.  I was rejoicing and shouting praises to God.  The walls were like golden stones shining in the sun.  I noticed some leaves and a beautiful aroma permeating through the walls.  Some light smoke appeared.  It was a wonderful feeling of peace and love.

We ended our prayers with singing, speaking in tongues, and thanking God for his love. The Lord revealed to me that he hears all prayers at the same time.  He is that awesome of a creator.  I like everyone to know I have a better understanding, because I had to go through some things.  Now is the time to tell people what I experienced, and it is real.  God has done a lot for me even when I did not realize it.  I thank him for his tremendous caring ways and gifts.


Painting By: Stephanie J Mercer-McGowan. 1975.   My rendition of what I saw.  The actual vision did not have the star of David.

Spiritual Bread

When you eat the spiritual bread which comes down from heaven, you illuminate the face of God through your spirit when you agree in truth and receive what God has for you.  When Holy Communion is received, the shew bread or spiritual bread of Jesus Christ is given in the tradition of the Last Supper which has its origins in the Old Testament.

In the Old Testament, the Hebraic priest would take shew bread, which is another word for the “bread of face,” then give it to another.  This is what Jesus did at the last supper, but even more so, he became the spiritual sacrifice on the cross.  He is the spiritual bread and is the new and living way in looking at the law.  Jesus became the bread of life.  “My life I give to you.”  His life for eternal life.

God gives us knowledge through the face of Jesus Christ, the anointed one,  or shew bread 2 Corinthians 4:16.  Jesus said “I am the bread of life.”  “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God.”  In John, Chapter 6, Jesus said: “The words that I speak to you; they are spirit and life.”  Reading the word of God helps us understand the spiritual side of God’s plan, and the fulfillment of his plan when he came as Jesus.  Jesus is the sacrifice going beyond animal sacrifice because God’s plan was to redeem man from his sins.

Dream of my husband Robert with Jesus 02/2014

The Use of The Physical to Explain The Spiritual

Saint Paul wrote  “Faith is the substance of things hope for, the evidence of things not seen.”  You can’t grab faith physically, but you can grab it spiritually.  You grab faith through the power of the Holy Spirit and a willing heart searching for God.  The spiritual aspect of any concept exist and manifest in either physical or spiritual form whether good or bad.

When your heart is opened to have a deeper walk with God, you have the first ingredient, which is a willing spirit to believe.  When we have breakfast in the morning, that syrup bottle was made by someone working with a machine, a mold, and glass.  This bottle did not have any substance until it was formed, but it had all the ingredients to make it.  Take a look at an unborn baby, which has all the ingredients of a human (DNA, form), but even though many don’t consider it a human, because unlike the bottle, it has both the contributory factors from the parents and also the highest potential of the human spirit and soul. It is a living being even inside the mother’s womb.

The temporary or physical vision of the syrup bottle does not have a flavor to it, but when ingredients are added it becomes flavorful.  Once the syrup is consumed it is no more, but becomes a part of another vessel which is you.  You can be reminded of the taste and color of it, and it becomes a part of the memory.  If you do any wrong, you are reminded of it.  This is a temporary or physical vision, but if you take it as spiritual, it will never leave you.  Faith may go through various battles in the mind, but once it conquers these battles, and perfects itself, and it is tested, and tried by fire, it will triumph in you.

There is an unseen hand in all things whether for retribution or blessing.  There was an unseen hand that drained that syrup from the tree, and another created the bottle.  We know it was there at one time.  God works the same way and takes place through God’s word.  There has to be tangibility in the Spirit before there is an effect, and this is where the name Jesus Christ comes into focus.  Christ is the revealing source of his spirit.

You can go to a mountain and hew stones from it.  When you take that stone and break it, it becomes pebbles.  It is similar to the family unit.  A man and a woman, in a relationship, come together in agreement and bear children.  The children are the stones. These little stones sometimes get rejected in abortion or mistreatment, but their spirits are alive and God loves them.  Jesus Christ was rejected.  God operated through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the same way.  Jacob had many stones coming from him which are the twelve tribes of Israel.  Isaac was a promise child and so was Jesus.  Many stones come forth from Jesus, the cornerstone, and we are his living stones.  Peter, the apostle, called those who followed Jesus “living stones.”

Thanks to my friend Ralph for some insight into this concept.  God bless.









Christmas Giving is Jesus

This Christmas it is time to realize the true meaning behind this festival of new life.  It goes beyond giving and really starts with believing  when Jesus was born God gave himself to us ., because He humbled himself by becoming a man.  His deep love and humility was so profound that he was not born in a palace but in a very humble setting;  for,  he was actually homeless.

Taking on our humanity he helps us understand how much he understands us as human beings.  This is why he gave his understanding about us because he wants us to understand that he understands us.  Jesus’ humble birth is a gift., because,  he accepts everyone regardless of class or wealth.  He does not belong to any prestigious social club, to a VIP church organization giving huge amounts of tithing,  or to a fraternal order  achieving scholarly recognition, but he is the recognizable God who is full of spiritual recognition, spiritual wealth, and spiritual wisdom.

Another gift of Jesus’ birth is the fact that he can be found if you seek him.  The stoic pursuit of the Magi who came all the way from the East in search of him is a gift of persistence in seeking Christ.  They discerned that his birth was a great event.   These men had the gift of wisdom and studied nature including the configuration of the stars.  God reveals signs through nature as long as nature itself is not worshipped.  Nature is God’s creation.  Like the early Christians, modern day Christians seek Jesus through prayer and reading scripture.  Finding God starts within oneself.

Jesus had to be hidden by his parents and fled from his birthplace because of King Herod’s decree to kill all of the male children who were two years old and under.  God shows his love by having to survive an extreme danger and also having Mary and Joseph survive the fact that they could have been killed.  Many people go through dangerous situations, but God teaches them how to overcome these situations.  He commands the angels who are a gift to us to watch over us.  He  gives us wisdom about handling our problems.  God himself is present when he intervenes, because he always knows what is going on.  He wants us to accept his gift of knowing him.

Christmas is more than giving and receiving presents.  There is more than the physical.  Recognizing the spiritual is a great gift.  If you seek it , it will be revealed to you.  One way this  happens is to humble yourself enough to see the face of God in  baby Jesus who physically came into the world, was born in a humble manger, and gave the gift of himself.



DM du Jour

The Shadow

We sit alone and watch the world
All different but similar to each other
Not opposed to all our differences
But trying to forget each other
In this waiting room of life

The opposite of each others shadows
Which are so indifferent
Even though we try to see each other
Our truer selves be in that shadow
Disclosed on walls no matter where

We try to be magnificent
Not torn apart
And the shadow shows no emotion
Because life has no spark
And you know that we must ignite it.

We are not soulless, untrue to life
Hiding life’s passions like our shadows
Our life should be transparent and true
Not like a dream which has a smoking view
For we are more than shadow.

Innocence Destroyed

We are not from seed
But from eternal love
Spontaneously born in God’s love
Manifested in human form
The everyday turmoil

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Concept of Time in Bibilical Application of Prophecy — The Return of JESUS THE CHRIST

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
Sun Dial by Stephanie J. McGowan


God’s concept of time is different from man’s understanding of it, for there is a non- mathematical understanding of time in biblical prophecy which changed from the Garden of Eden.  Scripture contains numbers which are predictive, but should not be taken just in a mathematical context because there is a spiritual application to every phase of prophecy.    The revelations of Daniel and the Book of Revelations are just two books which can be interpreted as outside of man’s understanding of  time as we know it and the predictions of the return of Jesus the Christ.

God is outside of time, but it matters more to us to keep tract of time because we can count time;  whereas, God uses events in human terms in order for us to have a better understanding of our expectations of what should happen and when.  This is why many have misinterpreted scripture because they are looking at numbers; however, God still uses mathematical time in the bible, but it is not always used to predict an event.  There have been accurate predications of time.  The timing of the plagues in Egypt, the timing of the generation that died before reaching the promise land,  and the  timing of the birth of Jesus using the Magi’s calculations of astronomy are all mathematical timing.

In the Garden of Eden there was no concept of time, aging, or death.  It is the concept of time that brings an end because there is a beginning in time; therefore there must be an ending.  Man’s fall initiated the changes in time when he committed an act against God by his disobedience and then the mathematical interpretation of time began because of the finality of events such as the changing in the seasons and death.   Adam and Eve’s actions in the Garden of Eden brought about the concept of time which brings an ending.  We can travel in space and time is different.  We can not comprehend or reach the speed of light because we have limitations in time and we don’t physically exist outside our time, but we still spiritually exist both in the present time and beyond time because even when our bodies die our spirits still exist.

The rules of time do not apply to God who exist outside our time as we know it.  The incarnation of Christ Jesus resurrected because you can not kill God.  Jesus has the spirit of God and is God.  He is one with the father.  If we have the spirit of God, we are also not bound by time we are only bound to the physical which is bound to time; therefore, spirit never dies.  Our souls are a record of who we are to God and what we have chosen to be.  The spiritual never ceases to exist.

The Prophet Daniel interpreted dreams.  God gave him this prophetic calling because God needed to use him as a sign to others and also to explain and write prophecy.  When Daniel interpreted the King’s dream, he  knew what the angel Gabriel was talking about.  In the Book of Daniel, Chapter 9, he  sees one being that looked like a man.  What was Daniel’s concept in time?  It was two fold.  A mathematical time frame and also a symbolic time frame.   There is a mathematical interpretation in symbolic form In Daniel 9:26, the sixty-two (62) weeks and the last week mentions the anti-Christ.  The Hebrews associate numbers to mean symbolic terms.  Sixty-two weeks is not sixty-two weeks as we know it, but it is a period or season of time as God knows it.  Six (6) means man, and sixty (60) is the height of an image which was Nebuchadnezzar.   Six cubits wide, sixty cubits high, and the six which is Nebuchadnezzar.  Two could mean two more sixes which makes it 666 weeks when Messiah would be cut off and he will not reign.  This is the time of the anti-Christ or 666 .  It is not a time frame, but a symbolic number not an actual number of weeks.

In the book of Revelations the opening of the seven seals exist as a spiritual time frame even though there are similar events in history as well as events to come.  In order to understand Revelations, you have to understand all of the Bible because the books work together to further reveal spiritual thoughts in the Book of Revelations.

We can not determine when Jesus will return because God does not think in terms of our time.  There are still warnings and dreams, but our interpretations sometimes go astray.   It is not meant for man to know the actual date of Jesus’ return.  Acts reads:  “It is not for you to know the times or the seasons which the Father has put in his own power.”  No world event or purposeful cause to make war, terrorist attack, or building of a temple will hasten the return of the Christ because all of these actions are man’s terms and conditions not God’s.  God thinks outside the box and outside the times as we know it.

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